DFW Metroplex

Endodontic Society

Past Presidents

Founding Mission:  Increase public awareness and appreciation of good endodontics


2017-2020 Dr. Ryan M. Walsh

2015-2017 Dr. Ryan Gordon

2014-2015 Dr. Antonio Berto
2013-2014 Dr. Jenny He
2012-2013 Dr. Lori Dees
2011-2012 Dr. Grace Chu
2010-2011 Dr. Manos Sigalas
2009-2010 Dr. Murat Ayik
2005-2008 Dr. Mercedes Dominguez
2002-2003 Dr. David Witherspoon
1997-1998 Dr. Deborah Loth
1991-1992 Dr. Hedley Rakusin
1987-1988 Dr. Robert Reames

1986-1987 Dr. David Bright

1984-1986 Dr. Gary Harris
1982-1984 Dr. James Gutmann
1980-1982 Dr. Paul Radman

Founding philosophy: "Endodontists are collaborators, colleagues, never competitors"

1963: ADA recognizes Endo as a specialty, Southwest Society of Endodontists is formed (1st meeting in Austin attended by 8 endodontic practitioners across Texas)

1980: Dr. Paul Radman (along with Dr. James Gutmann, head of Baylor Endo at this time) founds DFW Metroplex Endodontic Society, is installed as its 1st President. First ever society meeting held at Intercontinental in Addison, they continue to meet 3 times a year.